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land, that's what this is all about and i'm not here to you -- we netherlands you need to do in the u.s. and in san francisco specific, but just pick out the things that are useful for you and translate them into u.s. opportunities in san francisco, new opportunities. it's not my task to say you must do it like we do in the netherlands. i'll just show you what we do in the netherlands. and about myself, my name is hillie talens, as you were already told. i work for krowell, which is an n.g.o. and not for profit company, and i work as a bicycle ambassador for the dutch cycling council. on this slide you can see are my hobbies. my greatest passion are turtles. i've checked them since i was a little girl and i can be very philosophic about it but that is for lunch break. and another hobby of mine is traveling and that comes together with my profession very well because now i'm here and i live in the netherlands. how far can you travel? making pictures, photographer is -- photography is another way of fend spending my free time and in my slides you will see some results of that hobby and co
carries. next item, please. >> item 14, this is land use discussion. we did put a note in their sane discussion will be limited to 30 minutes or such other direction set by the commission. when we talk about doing this kind of workshops, you indicated you like to have a time certain. so at the beginning of the discussion are during it, you can take your time and weekend time it for you. item 14, land use policy and from work -- workshop and discussion. a workshop presentation on and discussion of key considerations for developing a land use policy framework to guide the decision making process for current and future uses of sfpuc properties. the land use policy framework will be brought to the commission for consideration before the close of 2011. president vietor: hello. >> hello, good afternoon. deputy general manager. i have a few slides prepared. i would like to kind of go through those. but this is a workshop, so you can stop at any time to ask questions. i like the analogy that we are trying to do something because we do not want to bring something back half baked. you will see
the unit, i am renting from him the 29 rogers street unit. i urge you to support us. we're concerned residents obviously. to not issue this permit or at least give some type of review. also this is why i think you for your time and the service you provide to the community. this is the first time i have come to one of these hearings so i definitely appreciate everything you do for our community. president olague: are there any additional speakers in support of the dr requestor? everyone gets three minutes. that does not work. you can use your three minutes to read those letters but the visit. if there is one other person who wants to read the letter, whatever. >> i was going to be the reb utter. i will reserve my comments. president olague: you can speak. >> i am an attorney who has been asked to assist in the presentation. i am not a resident of the area and i will try to be brief. i did prepare an analysis of the proposed analysis that you got and i would like to provide that to you although i realize it is late and i apologize for that. i got into this project on the late side. i w
requirements, but if you go above that height, you will trigger a conditional use, and there'll be other trade-offs. things that more affordability required, findings having to be made, it to mitigate or reduce land use and sex between different types of land uses within the proposed development and adjacent developments. and preferably a way to have more of the impact fees used on site through in-kind agreements, and especially for open space. there is a real dearth of open space within soma and western soma specifically. we already have the concept in use in south of market right now with some of the districts in terms of higher heights given further trade-offs. it is not completely new, but we're trying to take it may be to another level we talked about the red's, residential enclave districts. their typical residential and very small, narrow alleys. those will say -- stayed the same. but it will be extended. there'll be more alloys that become zoned red, but also red mixed. maybe the alleys are a little wider or they already have a little bit more of a commercial or mixed field. some might
a discussion on this important topic. who used personal care products? shampoo, face cream, deodorant, contact solution? the numbers could be staggering. the stories that i tell in the book and stories i talk about today are store reus about all of us. to tell you a little bit about my personal story. i was a 17 magazine makeup reading desperate to read in. with each careful purchase, i was one step closer to that girl i dreamed up. i used lots of them, 20 products a day, makeup, skin creams, an enormous cloud of aqua net hair spray. this is the back in the days of big hair and shoulder pads and bright makeup. i looked up all these products as a teen, 20 products a day, i was surprised to discover, i had been with exposing myself to 200 products a day before i got on the school bus. what is in this stuff that we put on our bodies, put in our hair on a daily basis. that is what we have been working on and looking at for about the passed 5 years. these are the groups involved in the campaign for safe products. most poplar brands of all kinds of products, deodor rants, makeups, even baby shampoos
from overwhelming neighborhood opposition. i respectfully request that you deny conditional use approval. thank you. >> our issue is not affordable housing but any use that it serves. this is not chp or with larkin street. this is about the choice of this particular building in a myriad of zoning exceptions. the city could have avoided this process. i have a thought and with the outline and outreach plan. out reach in this case can mean identifying decision makers that will support and pass required legislation that includes the planning department, the mayor, his staff. after they reach out to the supporters among the community leaders, neighborhood associations and can influence the back of the project. only after the project is virtually insured legislative passage, political cover did they contact the neighbors. they have traded an uncooperative atmosphere with the stress of the people in the area. the project sponsor has purchasing deadlines for the building and they needed the zoning from the city. there is $4.4 million to spy out reach. no decision makers lived near the p
award. this will be presented by the city librarian. please join us that the's abbottabad award goes to jose leon and chiles, chiles, chiles. [cheers and applause] jose is a san francisco native, born and raised in the mission district. he has worked in the nonprofit community for almost 30 years and is well known and respected for his support of youth involvement and empowerment. he has dedicated his work to make sure toyouth are well represented in our opportunity and that they had the opportunity to experience the wealth and richness of music and the arts. congratulations, and thank you for all your work in the mission district. [applause] >> you know, i would just like to say something peter i am very honored. thank you very much. but i have to think the parents. all the wonderful parents better here and all the wonderful students that i have worked with. so please give them a round of applause. thank you. [applause] >> we will be lucky enough to hear jose at the end of our program tonight. it is important to recognize dianna and also one of our sponsors deny, wells fargo, who is
as the easiest to use. how do you go outside of policy and be true to the policy itself? >> i think that is right. i think we could come up with at least as strong man of some general principles and some values related to that, which might include something like public benefit, so that this really stays a surplus question. this is integrated into the property. this is a core value that we hold. there are city ordinances that we need to comply with. the reason we have gone into this space is that there was an executive order. there was a mayor's directive. there are other pieces. cca, i do not know where that will go. but as part of the build up, it may be important to look as part of energy generation. maybe there is a sidebar to our principles and values that say that these values also need to come into play, short of doing too much of the rubric of methodology, but it is something that we are keeping track of, and i would like this to be a framework overall it will not be horribly difficult, but it is true. >> you have given us a lot of information. we can give you some thoughts and bring it ba
for being with us to honor your son's, your brothers and they will always be part of the ridge sacrifice it -- fabric of the san francisco fire department. to all those gathered, i can say that this is most difficult part of my career, losing tony and vincent. i could not be more proud of how we have all pulled together, stepped out, and supported one another. three and a half months seem like just yesterday and sometimes it seems longer, but i think it is important to continue to support one another. it is ok to feel down about this one because it was a tragedy. we continue to offer our condolences to both families. i know that tony and vincent are looking down on us and encouraging us to move forward in our lives. thank you for being here. we are going to conclude with asking the captain of station 26. i would like to give particular acknowledgment to the members of station 26 to have felt this probably the most deeply. not only did you work with them but you became very close as friends. on behalf of the members of the department, i would like to ask the captain to come together -- to
communicators". we look at the future of cloud computing by the u.s. government. a member of congress and internet executive discuss the benefits and challenges of the government easing towards cloud computing. >> dan lungren is chairman of the homeland security committee on cyber security. he is a republican of california and his subcommittee held a hearing on cloud computing. congerssman lungren is our guest on "the communicators.:" i9s cloud computing inevitable? guest: it is already part of the mix. and one of the serious but concerned i have is not that it is inevitable but the fact that we ensure that the security aspects of cloud computing are ahead of time and incorporated into this new computer world. host: jennifer martina's of politico is a technology reporter. she joins us this week. guest: the hearing was focused on the, like his said, the security of cloud computing, and the federal government moving its system towards the cloud. at that hearing you described administration officials touting the benefits of the cloud as glass half full people. and then there was a gao of
. >> joining us now is gary lane. gary has been to egypt this year three times alone. egyptian security forces said the christians started this, is that correct? >> the christians were carrying crosses and poster board around the tv station. >> what sparked this? >> it was a church that had been attacked. every since hosni mubarak stepped down, at least 60 attacks on christians. the attack that happened a year ago at st. marks church in alexandria, did you know not one person has been arrested yet? no one charged or prosecution. >> what is it, gary, about the christians in this country? are they third class citizens not worth protecting? >> they are treated as second and third class citizens about ten percent of the population. they shoe the coptics as being weak, infadels. the military government in control 40-50 years uses the secret police to attack them. it shows the military is needed. only the military can provide stability and security in the country. >> we haven't seen these images during hosni mubarak's 30 years in power in essence because he protected them, right? >> there were quite
-- filipinos. >> is there sound? oh, good. >> [inaudible] >> we should definitely have the i.t. help us with this. so maybe we will take a couple of minutes to try to resolve it. all we need to do is figure out the volume part. >> activate that microphone, and it might work better. >> and we will start from the beginning, of course, so we can hear it. i am not sure that the microphone will resolve the issue. it may not pick up the audio. >> these are the streets -- [inaudible] buildings, churches, parks where they once lived. living, learning, playing, worshiping, worshiping. now my ancestors are gone. families left behind, some moved on, some stayed through time. but the buildings remain in the western side south of market. and these busy snoops -- busy streets, old and worn, but strong and proud. standing proud. silent witnesses telling stories of a legacy passed for my generation to other generations. testaments of my culture. visible, strong, dynamic, alive, alive. a committee that pulsates with art, celebrations, and the festivities, throbbing, breathing, reemerging. collaborate fo
of us will be considering the same effects, records, and testimony. colleagues, any objections to proceeding in this way? let me ask the supervisor farrell resided you have any official comment. why don't we proceed to the hearing? i will have four representatives from the appellants. if you could please set up. as i said before, you have of 210 minutes to present your case for the appeal of the neg de3c. you up to 10 minutes for the appeal of the cu. you can use all of that time or as much as you would like. >> president chiu and supervisors, thank you. i represent the cow hollow association. i will present the talking points regarding the final mitigated-declaration appeal. then i will continue on to the cu and, with president chiu's permission, ceded the rest of my time to a member of the cow hollow association. the overarching point before us today is about transparency and consistency and processed. the cha is entitled to a full and complete objective analysis under ceqa, rather than go through all of the points that the association has put forward or referred to you in th
. as we provide that support, what you are looking is our own way of working with u.s. aid. these other rapid response teams, developing a picture of who is in need so that we can have a better understanding of situational awareness on the ground and act on that information. it allowed us to address the directed needs of the people of japan. what the people wanted was to return to normal as soon as possible. meaning they wanted to clear the schools. they wanted to address the human needs of the population. which meant showers. it also meant providing use it to help to relieve the tension and the pressure that had built up on people. now, to the consequent management. while the humanitarian assistance operation is in place, we need to get through an understanding of what goes on. in other words, we needed to build a reactor. we needed to understand what was going on inside of the reactor to anticipate our next move. i think that the value of this conversation is to share with you the kinds of questions that come up in the course of a crisis and how we can answer them. for us, this is to
, community member, artist, and worker for many of us in the city. and also a dear friend of mine. upon hearing on his sighting at -- upon hearing of a sudden passing last wednesday, there was a community outpouring of support, love, and sadness for our loss. e was not only someone who was a friend, but an angel in our community. someone who game -- sony gave countless hours to our youth and families, acting as a tutor who, working at united players for many years, and also at west egg and being one of the goodest people i have ever met. i am truly saddened for his loss. i am sorry, i was going to try to keep it together. i know that many of our members and young people miss him as well. i have a lot more to say about him, but i do not think i can finish. we have a certificate to honor -- we have an immemorial -- an in memoriam that is co-sponsored by others. the amount of care that he had for citizens was unbelievable. i have known him since his work supporting artists and his love of music. as a school board member, he would call me all the time to check up on students to see if i cou
the country. >> thank you very much for showing us around today. i really appreciate you taking the time to let me get better acquainted with the operation and also to share with our "culturewire" team. >> and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting. can you please call the roll? supervisor avalos: present. supervisor campos: present. president chiu: present. supervisor chu: here. supervisor cohen: present. supervisor elsbernd: here. supervisor farrell: present. supervisor kim: here. supervisor mar: here. supervisor mirkarimi: present. supervisor wiener: present. >> all members are present. president chiu: can you please join me in the pledge of allegiance? [pledge of allegiance] [inaudible conversations] madam car, do we have any communications? >> there are no communications. items one-seven comprise the consent agenda and will be acted on by a single roll call vote unless it is requested to be removed and considered separately. supervisor mirkarimi: four. president chiu: items one through seven without item four. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. super
been before us over and over again in this body whether to televise the ethics commission. a lot of us have said it should be. i think we should make that statement clear. it always comes down to a question of whether we have money. i think we should make that determination. but i like the language without the amendment. president chiu: with that, i think supervisor avalos would like to rescind that last boat. seconded by supervisor elsbernd. on the motion to amend, is there further discussion? if i could speak for a moment, i absolutely support our colleagues that want to make sure these meetings are televised, and i understand we are going to find the budget to do that. i think it is appropriate, what supervisor elsbernd has stated, but i am also supporting supervisor campos's legislation. supervisor campos: i understand what supervisor avalos is saying, but i do not think it prevents us from moving forward to ensure these are televised. i think the ordinance i am introducing will get us to that. but i certainly appreciate the perspective. supervisor avalos: i just think it makes a m
. it is an extraordinary opportunity for all of us. i appreciate the opportunity. >> we have just about used up our time here. but i wanted to ask each one of the very brief -- briefly, your number one wish in terms of safety and prevention and disaster preparedness would be what? >> i will give you more than one. i will give two. >> two is ok. >> as i said before, individual preparedness. that would be at the top of the list, because we're not all going to have the ability to have someone come to our rescue right away. the second one is communication. if the communication is not going to be there between all of our region, we're going to be in a heap of trouble. i think those are the things we need to work on and stay on top of from this day forward, as much as we did in the past as well. >> i would just have to say that we need to continue to build on our ability to build our partnerships and to cross-train with each other, our awareness of each other's capabilities is critical and the key to success. >> major quan. >> i am going to be redundant. money, money, money for infrastructure retrofitting. on
. >> that used to be a freeway? >> yes. lots of things he can do. president vietor: another interesting thing is this temporary use. there are things that are not active, and it may be an opportunity to do this. there are a lot of partners out there, farmers who are out there who could come in for one month or six months or two years until we make a decision and come in and formant and creates a benefit to the community as an interim step. that might be something we want to consider as part of the policy. >> we are trying to provide a good example of how that can work, the transition. we are really excited about continuing to get to do cool things. president vietor: thank you. >> good afternoon, the commissioners. my name is e. coli. i am a manager. -- my name is eli. we look forward to engaging with you on these proposals. we will forward to looking over the proposal, and hopefully i will have more to say in terms of our position on it, but i think it is an exciting step to consider these things, so thank you very much. president vietor: thank you, and it is interesting that your group has s
was alluding to earlier. under your estimation, as people who run ceqa for us, when is a project approved? >> thank you, supervisor farrell. i would prefer to speak to the particulars of this case, which are that the loan was approved in july of 2010 did not commit the city to a definitive course of action. the particulars of the loan for this project required that even in the event of a default, the city would be able to recover its money. the loan itself does not commit the city two particular points of action and supporting the project. supervisor farrell: i understand your point and i read that point. is in the converse true then? it goes both ways, is what i am saying. one person -- you could view it and understand it and say, there are certain outlooks for the city, if it is not approved, there would be certain things. on the flip side, could someone say the same? that the city is committed if the planning department approves it and the board of supervisors approves it, and so forth. >> in my previous experience, a project approval would consist of building permits, application use
society. finding the right partner. the doctors and the suns -- the daughters and sons are certainly used to pressure. once they hit their mid-20's, they soon give up, leaving this matter. no wonder dating agencies are mushrooming all across the country. >> they would like to find a bride for the sun. they would like her to be pretty and intelligent, but not necessarily over educated. an online dating agency organized this public marriage market. they are increasingly common in china and so are parents that want to marry off their children. that has always been a part of chinese tradition. these days, they go about it differently. >> my son has always been very busy with this career. he has not had time for love and romance. we are very worried about it. because he is almost 30 and is still isn't married. >> there are far more men than women in china. population experts warn that by the year 2020, china will be home to 24 million single men who will have no hope of ever finding a wife. these chinese bachelors are known as the bare branches. this 29-year-old does not want to join their ran
. commissioner caen. commissioner torres. i believe commissioner courtney is here and will be joining us momentarily. the next item as the approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of september 27. if there are any additions, corrections, substitutions -- president vietor: you have the minutes before you. >> move to approve. president vietor: there is a motion. is there a second? second. questions are comments? all those in favor? opposed. thank you. the motion carries. next -- >> the next item is public comment, an item for members of the public to speak about items that are not within the commission's jurisdiction better not on today's agenda. we have no speaker cards. president vietor: no public comments. next item. >> communications. letter summary and the advanced calendar. at this time, the commissioners of the complete set of documents and letters of rain in the ledger summary. i was not entirely sure that i sent everything to everybody, so i copied it to be sure that everything is there. if you have any comments about any items on the advanced calendar or questions or pendin
for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. join us weekdays in "the situation room" from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern. every saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. and at this time every weekend on cnn international. on cnn international. the news continues next on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello, everyone. you are in the "cnn newsroom." i'm hala gorani in tonight for don lemon. occupy wall street is now global. demonstrations erupted in cities around the world today in a display of worldwide frustration we haven't seen since this protest began about a month ago. this peaceful demonstration in buenos aires was fairly typical. this was the scene in london. thousands of people converged in front of st. paul's cathedral to hear wikileaks founder julian assange. he made an appearance today. several people were arrested in london. the most notable unrest was in rome. look at these images. police blame anarchists for taking advantage of the large gathering to throw fire bombs and break store windows, forcing riot police to move in with water cannons and tear gas. some of the protest
guys. that's going to wrap things up for us this morning. but the conversation continues online. find us on facebook or twitter at cnnbottomline. find me,@christineromans. keep an eye out for my new book with ali velshi, it's called "how to speak money." have a great weekend, everybody. >>> good morning, everybody. welcome to our special live version of cnn saturday morning. i'm t.j. holmes coming to you from the vegan strip. in particular, the venetian hotel on the vegas strip. this is the site of the cnn hosted republican debate coming up next tuesday. i'm joined this morning by my good friend and colleague, keeping things in check for us t cnn center, alina cho. >> good morning, t.j. this is cnn saturday morning. 10:00 a.m. in atlanta and still a very early 7:00 a.m. in los angeles. where you are t.j. and there's a lot to talk about. >> this venetian hotel will be the sight of the republican debate that with him be hosting next week. but already, one of the candidates is boycotting the cnn debate and several others of the candidates are actually going to be boycotting the nev
it done and they are letting everyone know about it very loudd. uma? >> thank you, peter for bringing us the latest. i know you will keep us posted throughout the day. >> we want to remind our viewers tomorrow fox will have live coverage of the martin luther king jr. memorial dedication ceremony. we have you to join us for the coverage of that all morning longg. >> occupy wall street demonstration against corperate greed and social inequity are happening from sydney to london. greg is in rome. where tens of thousand of protestors are taking to the streets and demonstrators becoming violent. what is the latestt there? >>reporter: really quite violent. there is a lot of tourist in rome, today you would want protection and maybe a gas mask or helmet. there are bottles flying everywhere. it was supposed to be the italian version of occupy wall street. but it got more violent and quickly as protestors burned cars and attacked cash and banks and throwing big robs at police . many of them are armed with sticks and some of them wearing helmets and they are signs that you are looking for trouble
2012 presidential race with lenny curry and delicate u.s. efforts to encourage foreign- based businesses to open in united states with nancy mclernon, president of the national law the organization for business investment. w j" is next. -- "washington journal" is next. host: good morning parade joe lieberman at connecticut and susan colin of maine say that congress should freeze the pay of federal employees for the third year, saying that it would save about $32 billion. also in the papers this morning, citing cost is a concern, the white house has dropped a vision of health care law that would provide a lifetime benefit in the event of illness or disability. it is known as the class act being dropped by the administration. and its role in the larger health-care law. we want your thoughts on this decision by the white house. if you want to give us a call, the numbers are on the screen. if you want to send us an e- mail, make your thoughts on -- thoughts known by that., and if you are familiar with twitter and can keep your comments to 140 characters are less,
evacuated from three major hospitals within the city. that haven't taught us a great deal about our own dependence upon each other and planning together within the city. as far as international, we have provided teams of doctors, nurses, and others to haiti. we have worked with doctors without borders to mobilize clinical staff and resources. we worked to provide a medical equipment to other countries and devastated by disasters. because of the resource that we use and activate every day, we provide a great deal of resources locally and abroad. the next we are talking about, i wanted to give you an idea of what their resources on a daily basis or an annual basis to the community are. it is a system of 24 hospitals, so we have regions where we can rely on to back up and supply the resources and the people. and knowing that it has been in the community since 1856, we have been a long time partner and hope to continue to do so. what i would like to do is talk about these emergency plans. and it is not all about casualties. we activate our emergency plan at least 30 times a year. that i
staff end up having to do and i think the sensitivity trainings are always useful. and the comment that commissioner borden mentioned about youth and the shadowing and i think we talked about that in there. and i don't know if they had the opportunity to take the internship to a different level and understand the workings of the department better. and engaging the youth through the high schools or something and in particular, and not exclusively, but youth who maybe don't always have access to this type of an opportunity. and whether they are get a sense of planning department and maybe at some point we can check in with the youth commission to find out what they are doing and what the priorities are and how to improve our work with youths in terms of getting them engaged and that sort of thing. i think it's really good work and i am really excited about it. to the extent that we can continue to engage people who don't have access to online access and those folks still exist out there, and that would be good, too. and i look forward to the next steps and addressing this further. di
't bomb us, and the latest thing now is wire. why do they hate us so much? >> well, i think to unpack your question, how do we get into their culture, i think that's impossible. the sorts of changes that you're talking about have to happen internally within the muslim world, you know, muslims themselves must decide that violent extremism carried out in the name of their great religion is something that they don't want to tolerate. should the united states and other countries in the west help that part of the world to eradicate what eric earlier described so well as the poverty of hope? of course, that's our job, all of us, to help our fellow man and woman, of course, but when you talk about getting into their culture, winning their hearts and minds, muslims find that insulting. talking about winning their hearts and minds says you have to love us and think like us, and we would not appreciate that coming from another culture. .. even as the cia has become much more adept at its targeting so that it lessens the impact on civilians, because they are very conscious of this and the notion that
mannyfesto makes clear as the caller said, he isn't a christian. he uses the word christian to mean, nonislamic. it is not specifically, i don't know, black, hispanics, brown people. no, it is muslims he does not like. that's it. and yes it was very anti-muslim. he talks how he wants the jews and buddhists and all the people of europe to join with him to fight against the islam maization of europe. that is his big thing. whether or not that is connected to the insanity on some molecular level i don't know but for "the new york times" to describe him as >> this is just over an hour. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the miller center forum. today, we're thrilled to welcome william and eric schmidt, two journalists covering military affairs, and the untold story of the america's campaign against al-qaeda. they were senior writers and residents at the senior for american security. george joined the times in 1997 and is covering the pentagon and national security, including efforts of transformation within the pentagon and gloanl campaign csh gobble campaign against terrorism. he wa
to a project sponsor and just ask them. >> when you are painting. >> we use it once a day, because we are a small business. good >> during that time, a 30- minute window appear eager -- 30-minute window. >> monday through friday. >> i do not snow. the maker of the motion would have to be ok with it. >> as long as it has to do with the booze. -- booth. >> our project sponsor is ok with that? >> how critical is it to have that open and close? >> it is too long to have. we have not put any cars in at all. >> i would like to have some situation where d r requester is are involved, rather than somebody coming out from the air quality district working with the project sponsor and saying, it is going to be raised 2 feet. >> we have no way to enforce that. we do not. >> you can enforce it by having the the are requester president, and then see what the recommended -- >> i trust the project sponsor will do the right thing. >> i am not saying i am not going to do the right thing. why can they be there and say wouldn't it be better if it went to 5 feet or 10 feet or whatever? >> they are going t
and had him paged. that brings us back to the determination that seems to surround the sergeant and his wife. >> she like almost started crying of course it got me because i was like you have my rings. >> i went -- we have some deep core values in ourselves. >> reporter: and she wants to bring her husband back to baltimore. baltimore. he will be transferred next week to a rehab center in denver. >> this seen students, parents and staff at chesapeake high school took time out to remember student who died this week. kayla was killed wednesday, the car she was driving went off the road and into an abandoned house. the school held a moment of silence and the cheerleaders brought flowers to the game. >> she was just a sweet girl, never had any problems with anybody. >> we picked the flowers as sympathies and -- even though we didn't know her we all knew what it feels like to loose someone. >> and the police say speed and wet roads were probably factors. >>> police are still looking for 11-year-old william but tonight we know a little more about his mother's death. she was found dead in
. it is using a traveling road show as inspiration. she will sit down and talk with residents in search of stories and experiences that reveals exactly what makes us americans. >> beautiful possibility is a traveling research project that i will take on a five-month journey across the united states and lower canada. i document this tore on a map that i painted for the project and also from previous projects called the road map to lost america. on the map i have taken all of the contemporary borders off the map and replaced them with native territories, and then overlaid it with contemporary highways. i have scheduled venue stops at different areas along the tour, from california to south dakota, that will serve as headquarters for my local research. when i was researching the traveling medicine show, i came across this. they had put out an elixir, and it referred to the elements that came out because of the high stress, high-pressure life, mostly because of the industrial revolution. anyway, i was fascinated by the term american-itis, and i thought it did a lot about the stress-related
me today. they want us by a special thanks to jim and scotty. thank you what that tour. it was all some to be on aligned with you. demint and women of u.s. steel, thank you for having me here today to. be in the outskirts of pittsburgh, the city built on the work and hopes and dreams of blue-collar american workers. >> there is one in six americans who are job-ready but cannot find a full-time job. for $45 million on food stamps, there is 48% of the households least one resident is receiving government benefits. americans as the soft. i believe our people have a tough set out the best they can. they are looking for leadership. rare in washington, d.c. today. what i am proposing today is the first part of an economic growth package that will rebuild the engine of american prosperity. the plan at present this , energizing american jobs and security, will kickstart the economic growth of this country and create 1.2 million jobs. and free of washington gridlock because it does not require constitutional -- i should say constitute -- congressional action. we are doing it through a serie
question. would you agree to a blanket policy that san francisco not use the death penalty under any circumstances, yes or no? >> i am 100% opposed to the death penalty. >> would you agree to a blanket policy against using it? >> as i said, i am 100% against the death penalty. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> going back to our offered medical questions, what are your views on the levels, if any, of wrongdoing or dishonesty by members of the san francisco police department, and how did you plan on dealing with your obligations under brady versus maryland, particularly where it may appear the police department is hiding officer misconduct history? >> i am glad that you brought the question. i am actually the one who brought the brady issue into this jurisdiction. when i came here, i realized that the county did not have a written brady policy. i actually worked in the county of l.a. and the city of l.a. to create a great policy there are approximately 10 years ago. when i realized we did not have a brady policy, we immediately started to work with the district attorney and the police officer
anniversary of the u.s. navy and all of its flight acrobatics sector. this has got to be an incredible location. i am looking forward to going out there and listening to, very closely, but each one of these leaders will say so clearly as i arrived at the facility and the place where the emergency services were coordinated and how each one of the units, whether it was the fire, or people like our own chief, or whenever it was, dealing with the people that came to see me from the coast guard, or the people that called me from other regions. speaking of coast guard, police officers, whatever, i saw your chief of police and he had less hair than i had. mr. mayor, i saw your chief of police and he had less hair than i had. i trust there is a level of stress that costs you your hair. you should do something about giving us the kind of guidance that will allow other responses and give us the assurance of all can be well as we go about meeting the potential that may be hours, in case of any form of an emergency. i welcome each and every one of you and am looking forward to a fabulous 13,000 sa
and the best way mitigating the risks before us that ms. miller highlighted. and the cfo will go through some of the financial impacts. i have an electronic presentation. just by way of a refresher, i wanted to highlight in, and i believe this was it touched on by jerrick campos in terms of the 2007 ordinance, in past presentations, we noted how the program was shaping up and how it differs from the precise language from the 2007 ordinance but how it used to the general goals and objectives. this is a quick refresher, this slide goes to the various objectives that were in 2007 of having raids that meet or beat pg&e, having stability in those raids, a target of 51% with 360 megawatts of build-out and having all customers enrolled at once, a very long term contract, 15 years or longer with a senior supplier taking on 100% of the risk and there being zero liability to the city. as you well know, we have gone through several rfp's and have had challenge is finding a single supplier willing to take on those risks. we have learned a lot about the program as we moved forward. and we had the expectat
>>> good morning, america. this morning, target terror. overnight, the u.s. takes out 17 members of al qaeda in gemmen, including reportedly the son of a u.s.-born cleric, who was considered the most dangerous man in the world until the u.s. took him out three weeks ago. so, is al qaeda on the run? >>> battle on the streets. the crowds occupying wall street clash with police, as they prepare to march throughout new york, across the country, and now, around the world. huge crowds turning out today to protest the banks and corporate greed. how big can they get? >>> abc news investigates. the makers of one of the most popular birth control pills on the market is being sued. one woman alleged it put her into a coma and made her go blind. chris cuomo is on the case with a story that everyone should see. >>> and buzz kill. a starbucks exec said the whole world was just decades away from running out of coffee. how could that possibly be true? could the entire world grind to a halt? what's behind the java jitters? >>> that has to be one of the most frightening previews. it's not even hal
the u.s. army. the man charged with shaping the service's future over the next four years is general ray odierno who became the 38th army chief of staff last month and faces the simultaneous challenges of fighting a war, shrinking his force of to 570,000 and modernizing his wide range of inventory. i caught up with him at the army trade show and conference in washington last week and asked him what he and his fellow chiefs expects from the new strategy review. >> i think part of it is we want a strategy-driven review where the joint chiefs work together to come up with a joint force that will be able to meet the needs of the future. so what we'll work through is what are the priorities within the strategy and how does that translate into end strength modernization and readiness. >> do you have any idea any of the broad strokes, i mean, for example, do we say with the 2mrc strategy? >> we're still working our way through that. i think as we move forward we'll have to do an adjustment or strategy. we're looking at all options now and that will be part of the outcome. it'll be a change in o
, american combat troops near harm's way in a new, dangerous theater. u.s. special forces are now on the ground in central africa, with more than on the way. the first declared u.s. military mission in subsaharan africa since the blackhawk down incident in mogadishu, somalia that left 18 soldiers dead and 73 wounded. as ed henry reports, the president is deploying these troops to train and advise african forces fighting a notorious army, blamed for years of murder, rape and kidnapping. but the u.s. deployment raises question it's why now? why there? and not other hot spots? >> tonight in central afcar, trying to hunt down the rebel leader, wanted for a brutal campaign of murder, rape and kidnapping women and girls to become sex slaves. the move was disclosed by president obama in a letter to congressional leaders on friday afternoon, as he toured a general motors factory in michigan with south korean president li. the u.s. special operations fighters will only be there for month, but still a dramatic move for a president who repeatedly made the case against u.s. boots on the groun
it gets you down for the use in agriculture, surveying and construction. the type of receiver you're talking about are not that kind of precision receiver. >> all right. >> under our proposal which puts us othe bottom end of our band under the minimm performance standards which are adopted internationally, we should be fine under the faa reviewing that. but all the testing of the faa received as was done by both the federal government and by industry shows that the aviation receivers perform much better than the mimum performance standards. so we are not talking about under our current level of proposals requiring any change out and let me repeat that because it's important. any change out of aviation receivers. if it was going to take eight to ten years to go through the certification process in order to do that that wouldn't be a commercially feasible business plan so what we have proposed is a use of spectrum that does not require any change at of the aviation procedures. and the problem i have in the teimony. the part that bothers me you said just now in the question should be
>> arthel: hello, everyone. >> rick: glad you're with us. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. topping the news this hour, the occupy wall street protesters taking their message across manhattan and around the world. crowds of demonstrators gathering right now in times square. it's just one of the rallies that's happening in dozens of countries and some have turned into all-out clashes with the police. >> arthel: a new shakeup in the gop presidential field. another candidate joining the ranks of their top tier. but will one candidate emerge that a majority of republicans will support? >> rick: and another foreign deployment for zoetropes. this time africa. more on what our military commitment will be there and how long we'll be staying. >> arthel: we begin with our top story, occupy wall street rally turned into a violent clash with police in rome. dozens of people injured in the fighting. a group of demonstrators breaking away from an otherwise peaceful march and started breaking bank windows, destroying atms and torching cars. greg berk is screami
-qaida's deadliest group hit hard again. word of a u.s. drone strike taking out terrorist. including the son of al-awlaki. new details on the strike. and more deadly clashes in the streets of yemen the country's leader slaughters his own people. >> we have shootings in seal beach. >> the chilling 911 call in a southern california hair salon. >> is she still there? >> no, he walked away. >> we'll have more on that call. >> plus, on the hunt for a pair of thieves in drag. >> police are searching for the cross dressing duoon a crime spreen after they hit swanky retailers in manhattan. >> troops in uganda. and president obama said they arrived on wednesday. uganda borders the congo of south sudan. troops will be deploying there. what is the. to find and kill joseph coney. the guerrilla group accused of terrorizing tens of thousands of people. mr. obama said the united states supported military operation. but attempts to take coney out is unsuccessful. and now u.s. forces will be on the ground to provide support. the troops will not engage in battle unless they defend themselves. reaction is mixed. >>
a broadcast saying, don't go to this garage? >> we didn't use this, it was a localized incident. >> reporter: the chief says there are extra patrols. in the garage, we saw the parking personnel walking the floors. this afternoon, an e-mail goes out to those on campus. all, not enough information to calm the fears. >> maybe it's not that secure? >> reporter: the man was 48 and he was assaulted getting out of his mercedes. the keys were in the i think in addition. he was shot in the back and his condition is upgraded from critical to series. reporting downtown, i'm mike schuh, eyewitness news. >>> thank you, mike. the police say there have been two violent incidents on the campus in the past two years. >>> the huge storm that ripped through parts of virginia was a tornado. in the video, you can see the twister and threatening clouds as the storm blew through on thursday. the tornado touched down and caused the damage. no one was seriously injured. >>> a new space telescope is a step closer to heading into orbit. nasa says the jane web space telescope will be ready for launch in 2018. officials
to overcome the criticism that he belongs to a cult. a texas pastor will tell us why a mormon is not necessarily fit for the white house. in egypt, the military is accused of organizing violence that leaves 25 people dead. as christians in cairo react, what does this say about life after the revolution. designed in scotland but made in mongolia by north koreans. you might be surprised where your winter belize come from -- winter woolies come from. republican presidential hopefuls gathered again this week for a presidential debate and new hampshire. among the hopefuls is the former governor of massachusetts, mitt romney. he needs the support of bible belt america to successfully tracked the path to the white house. he is a mormon. some believe that it is a cult. >> out of the mountains they came searching for resign. in the shadow of the mountains in utah, the mormons founded their promised land. under the vast blue skies of the west, the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints built a city near the great salt lake. [singing] here in salt lake city, the church grew rich. it
. the u.s. department of justice says flat-out that iran's military unit known as the quds force planned to hire a mexican drug cartel to kill the saudi ambassador to the united states at a d.c. restaurant. but federal authorities foiled the plan because one of the two plotters, manssor arbabsiar, worked with an informant of the u.s. government. arbabsiar, who has dual u.s.- iranian citizenship, is now under arrest in a federal prison in new york. the justice department says that arbabsiar and no concerns about how many u.s. lives would be lost if this plot were to be carried out. >> when the confidential source noted that there could be 100 or 150 people in a restaurant where the requested bombing would take place, including possibly members of the united states congress, the lead defendant said, no problem. >> the other alleged plotters gohlam shakuri, a member of the iranian quds force. he is believed to be in iran. u.s. attorney general holder was asked on tuesday whether the plot was sanctioned by any high-level member of the iranian government, whether a mula iranian presidahmadidi
and interest on these bonds. the bond funds would be used to repair and replace major building systems including electrical, heating wat, water, security, and fire sprinklers. remove hazardous materials. improve accessibility for people with disabilities. make necessary seismic upgrades. replace permanent structures and perform other work necessary to apply closure -- codes and regulation . they can't pay for teachers and administrative salaries or operative expenditures. >> hi, my name is melissa griffen. and a member of the league of women voters of san francisco. >> proposition b authoress the city to authorized to hundred $48 million in bonds to improved street structures such as bridges. this would come with an increasing property tax, if needed, to pay for those improvements. the city is responsible for maintaining about 850 miles of streets. a study shows about half of the streets any major repairs. the city can only use this bond money to pay for and repairs city streets. it will improve lighting, sidewalk extensions, trees, and landscaping. renovation programs to increase safe
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